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Find the collision and dent repair services you seek at Brodhead Collision in Brodhead, Wisconsin. Our shop specializes in everything from door dings to heavily damaged vehicles.

Brodhead Collision uses a three-dimensional computerized frame measuring system. From suspension damage to body alignment, we can guarantee a perfect auto body repair every time. Additionally, our spot resistance welder provides superior corrosion protection, duplicates factory appearance, and allows welding on newer vehicles constructed of lightweight metals that cannot be welded with traditional procedures.

Scratch and Dent Auto Collision Repair


Let our skilled and experienced auto repair technicians fix your car, truck, or SUV. We offer a variety of collision repair services, including:

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brodhead chip and scratch repair
  • How long does it take to repair a car after an accident?
    Repair work for minor collision may take an average of one to two weeks. Smaller repairs like scratch removal can be completed sooner. Major auto accidents can cause extensive damage to many parts of the car. A responsible auto repair shop will inspect the car thoroughly, which may uncovered extensive damage that needs further dismantling and rebuilding. The auto repair shop will also need to coordinate with the manufacturer to order OEM parts to not void the car's warranty, which adds time while parts are ordered and shipped. We offered free loaner cars to customers while we perform repairs. You can get a free time and cost estimate by contacting us.
  • How much does auto body collision repair cost?
    Auto body repairs can range from small dings and dents to near total rebuilds of heavily damaged vehicles. Repair costs can vary widely and range from $50 to $7,500 or more. For a free and accurate estimate, contact us.
  • Does auto collision repair void a vehicle's warranty?
    Your car's warranty will likely have stipulations about how repairs are done and by who. A manufacturer's warranty is usually voided when you: Fail to use certified mechanics Do not install OEM parts Have the vehicle modified
  • What's the difference between an auto body shop vs. an auto repair shop?
    Auto repair shops and auto body shops both work on vehicles, so there is some overlap in their services, but the differences comes down to what parts of the car they specialize in. In general, an auto repair shop focuses on mechanical parts like engines, transmissions, drivetrain, etc. An auto body shop works on the exterior of the car, fixing dings and dents, repainting, etc.
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